6-19-18Consultant To Real Estate Developers Pleads Guilty In White Plains Federal Court To Conspiracy To Corrupt The Electoral Process In Bloomingburg

6-19-18 - USA Berman: In the biggest federal voter fraud case in the modern era, Volvy Smilowitz admitted to taking part in a cynical scheme to rig an election in Bloomingburg, including by falsely registering dozens of voters

6-19-18 - Third Man Pleads Guilty to Bloomingburg Voter Fraud

6/6/18 - New Bloomingburg Indictment

12/7/17 - Real Estate Developers Sentenced

12/7/17 - Lamm Sentenced to 10 Months in Prison for Voter Fraud Scheme

9/15/17 - Developer Sentenced in Bloomingburg Election Fraud

6/21/17 - Senator Larkin's Ward Bill Passes Senate

6/15/17 - Bloomingburg Saga Shows That Persistence Pays Off

6/6/17 - Shalom Lamm Pleads Guilty to Voter Fraud

 6/6/17 - Shalom Lamm Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Corrupt the Electoral Process

5/29/17 - Monsey Developer Pleads Guilty in Bloomingburg Voter Fraud Case

5/26/17 UPDATED - Bloomingburg Developer Pleads Guilty in Voter Fraud Case

5/25/17 Lamm Partner Chestnut Ridge Developer Kenneth Nakdimen Pleads Guilty

5/25/17 New York Developer Pleaded Guilty to Voter Conspiracy

5/25/17 Real Estate Developer Pleads Guilty In White Plains Federal Court To Conspiracy To Corrupt The Electoral Process In Bloomingburg

5/25/17 Bloomingburg Developer Pleads Guilty In Voter Fraud Case

5/14/17 Bloomingburg OKs Village Budget with Councilman Missing

3/11/2017   My View: Mamakating Clears the Air on Chestnut Ridge Lawsuit

3/9/17 Lamm's Defense Makes Its First Appearance

3/7/2017   Bloomingburg Residents Decry Planned Chestnut Ridge Community Building

3/2/2017 Mamakating Files Suit to Prevent Reinstatement of Chestnut Ridge Permits

12/22/17 Shalom Lamm Gets Arrested!

12/16/2016 FBI arrests developer Shalom Lamm, two others on voter fraud charges

12/15/2016 Bloomingburg developer, Lamm, indicted

12/15/2016 Shalom Lamm and Others Charged in Voter Fraud Scheme in Connection with a March 2014 Bloomingburg Election

4/20/2016 Smoking Gun in Bloomingburg?

3/19/2014: New York Times Article about Village Election

3/14/2014: CBS Video on Upcoming Village Election

3/13/2014: NY Times Article on Bloomingburg

2/7/2014: Chestnut Ridge Update. Work stopped...for now

1/30/14 Judge issues stop-work order on Bloomingburg development

1/25/14 Mamakating wants answers

1/14/14 Developer sues over Bloomingburg school vote

1/14/14: Developer sues Village Planning Board for voting down all-girls school.

1/14/14: Village of Bloomingburg holds its first regular meeting since August 2013.

1/11/14 Controversial developer snaps up properties in Bloomingburg

1/11/14 'The town's been bought': Bloomingburg residents want change 

1/10/14 Agitated crowd packs Bloomingburg meeting (VIDEO)

1/10/14 RAW VIDEO: Agitated crowd packs Bloomingburg meeting

1/09/14 Bloomingburg meeting minutes show one purpose

12/14/13 Developer of controversial Bloomingburg homes threatens lawsuit

12/13/13 Bloomingburg board votes down proposed school

12/12/13 Bloomingburg planning board votes down proposed girls' school

12/12/13 Bloomingburg village board cancels meeting - again; Planning board meeting still on

12/10/13 UPDATE: Mamakating meeting canceled; Bloomingburg developers' plans were on itinerary

12/10/13 Bloomingburg residents file state petition to remove mayor

12/9/13 Bloomingburg mayor, Shalom Lamm's development company exchanged water access for approval, say records

11/24/13 Controversial developer feels targeted in Bloomingburg

11/15/13  Latest canceled board meeting in Bloomingburg sparks protest

11/14/13 Tonight: Protest expected in Bloomingburg; catch up on the story

11/13/13  Monthly Bloomingburg Village Board meeting canceled once again 

11/10/13 VIDEO: Bloomingburg housing development foes seek federal probe

11/09/13 EXCLUSIVE: Developer originally aligned with Shalom Lamm secretly tried to help Bloomingburg opposition

11/10/13 RAW VIDEO: Bloomingburg housing development foes ask Rep. Maloney for federal probe

 11/04/13 RAW VIDEO: Bloomingburg housing development protest

10/31/13 Bloomingburg school just 1 issue in race for Mamakating supervisor

10/23/13 Attorney general probing Bloomingburg development, Gunther says

10/17/13  BLOOMINGBURG: Your thoughts, shared

10/13/13 Secret deal reveals larger Bloomingburg project from start

10/09/13 Pine Bush board gets quizzed on girls' school plan

10/08/13 Pine Bush Schools Superintendent says district has no say on approving girl's school

10/07/13 Groups rally to fight private school in Bloomingburg

09/26/13 Bloomingburg Planning Board meeting postponed amid raucous scenes

08/29/13 150 crowd Bloomingburg Village Hall to protest private school

08/27/13 Fear of taxes, or of Hasidim?

04/13/13 Judge dismisses Bloomingburg group's lawsuit

01/24/13 Shalom Lamm Speaks His Mind

01/17/13 'City Planners' On Exit Zoning? Baird Vs. RCC At A Feisty Reorg Meeting

12/01/12 Big trouble in small government

12/01/12 Bloomingburg rejects petition to dissolve village

12/4/12 Bloomingburg Board, village staying put

11/21/12 PB board hears case against giant development

10/12/12 Village of Bloomingburg officials vow to fight development

09/13/12'Those People?' Duane Roe Addresses The Mamakating Blues

09/13/12 Dueling Projects Duane Roe Is Blaming Master Plans & Politics

08/31/12 Stormy developments as Lamm faces critics (SC Democrat)

08/28/12 Crowd Confronts Developer / Bloomingburg residents fight town houses (THRecord)

08/28/12 Controversial Housing Development draws Hundreds at Public Meeting (

08/10/12 Village halts meeting on project (THRecord)

08/09/12 Public demanding voice on Bloomingburg development (THRecord)

07/20/12 Mamakating delays vote on zoning (SC Democrat)

07/17/12 Town of Mamakating Board Meeting Video (Mamakating News/youtube)

07/12/12 396 Units Seen As 'Too Many' in Town of Mamakating (THRecord)

07/12/12 Mamakating Residents Protest New Commercial Zoning (THRecord)

11/11/06 Bloomingburg Project On A Roll (THRecord)

11/07/06 Village Annexation Clears Way For Project (THRecord)