ABOUT the Rural Community Coalition (RCC)


What is the Rural Community Coalition (RCC)?

The Rural Community Coalition (RCC) is a non-profit organization created to preserve the rural heritage of the towns of Mamakating, Wallkill, and Crawford, and other surrounding communities, and to hold its elected officials accountable to adhere to the law and to respond ethically and proactively to the concerns of local residents.

Mission Statement

The RCC creates an environment that advocates for people to work cooperatively, communally and collectively; to hold its elected officials to the highest standards in accordance with the law; to work proactively for transparency and inclusively in their governance; and to represent the will of the people who elected them with the goal of maintaining the character of the community in its growth.

Why did the RCC form?

The RCC formed because local elected officials violated laws and demonstrated ethical misconduct which have shaped the path for high-density housing in the 400-resident Village of Bloomingburg, NY. The development will quadruple the size of the community and has the potential to urbanize our rural communities.  

Who is on the RCC Board?

Holly Roche, President

Cathy Heil, Vice President

Teek Persaud, Treasurer

Tim Hoppe

Cathyann Wishinski

Does the RCC have paid staff or does it have volunteers?

The RCC relies solely on volunteers. No one is paid. The board is tremendously grateful to the volunteers who sacrifice their time and dedicate it to the cause. 

How can I become a member of the RCC? 

Only members are able to vote on major issues concerning the activities of the RCC.  To become a member, please print, complete, and mail Membership Form to the RCC at PO Box 203; Bloomingburg, NY 12721.

RCC By-laws

Rural Community Coalition Bylaws


Thank You To Our Contributors, Volunteers And Supporters

The Rural Community Coalition would like to thank everyone for all they have done, all they are doing and all they continue to do.  This fight would not be possible without their help and support.  As always, we urge you to talk to your neighbors, get them involved, and hopefully soon everyone in our community will be on board and working to make their town a better place.