What you need to know

The RCC is taking legal action. There are active lawsuits against Village of Bloomingburg Mayor Mark Berentsen, the Village of Bloomingburg, the Town of Mamakating, Shalom Lamm and his Limited Liability corporations, among others.

Potential urbanization of our rural communities. The 396-unit Chestnut Ridge development and other purchases by the principals of Sullivan Farms II and III Shalom Lamm, Nakdimen, and Roe have the potential to urbanize our beautiful rural communities where we call home. While the development is in the Village of Bloomingburg, the land purchases by Lamm and Nakdimen reach far beyond the Village borders and affect the towns of Crawford, Wallkill, Shanagunk, Mamakating, and Ottisville.

The fight to preserve our rural community is not over! The fight to stop the development and to make sure that elected officials are held accountable to adhere to the law and for their ethical actions is far from over! But there is hope. On December 11, 2013, the Village Planning Board felt the pressure of its residents and voted down the all-girl school, and it’s because you showed up! You held your public officials accountable to the law and demonstrated a sincere interest in your community. That’s what it takes! Also, the RCC is in the process of taking legal action for multiple issues.

YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Votes put elected officials in office and you want to be sure the right elected officials are in office for the Village of Bloomingburg election set for March 2014. Click here for voter registration form. This is our chance!

Educate yourself by contacting us so we can keep you updated on the progress of legal actions taken against public officials, local Town and Village meetings, and inform you about how you can get involved. 

Donate to the RCC to support its legal actions. Without money, the RCC cannot take legal action. Without legal actions, we have no chance of winning.

Write and mail letters to your elected officials. Hold them accountable! Sample letters.

Attend your local village and town board meetings. You must show your local elected officials that you are listening. You do not need to know anything specific, just show up!  See calendar for upcoming meetings.

What you can do!


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