September 15, 2017 - Kenneth Nakdimen Sentencing

September 8, 2017 - Sentencing Memorandum of the United States - Kenneth Nakdimen

August 2, 2017 - How to Write a Victim Impact Statement

June 16, 2017 - United States V. Zev Smilowitz Update - Court Conference Rescheduled to 8/10/17, click to read

June 6, 2017 - USA v. Shalom Lamm - Shalom Lamm Guilty Plea

May 25, 2017 - USA v. Kenneth Nakdimen Transcript from Proceedings

January 2017: Sullivan Farms II, Inc. against The Town of Mamakating Planning Board Decision/Order

December 2016: United States of America v. Shalom Lamm, Kenneth Nakdimen & Volvy Smilowitz, click to read indictment

December 2016: United States of America v. Harold Baird, click to read indictment

July 2016: Town of Mamakating Planning Board Passes Resolution to Rescind Approvals to the Villages of Chestnut Ridge. Click to see Resolution

April 2016 Confidential Chestnut Ridge Executive Summary and Power Point Presentation

December 2014: Confidential Retention Agreement and First Amendment to Confidential Agreement

July 2014: See July 2014 Sullivan County Supreme Court Order. See appeal to court order . See Roche's affidavit and Henry's affidavit.

2014: For lawsuit against Village of Bloomingburg, Shalom Lamm and his LLCs, and others that would annul the annexation, click here. The Honorable Judge Schick executed a Temporary Restraining Order to halt all work on the 396 units and issued a Preliminary Injunction which requires all construction of the 396 units to stop until the litigation is over. Shalom Lamm, Kennith Nakdimen and their Limited Liabilty corporations have appealed Judge Schick's ruling of a Preliminary Injunction; however a State Appellate Court Judge did not approve this request but did modify the terms of the Injunction which allows Lamm to complete interior work on the twelve buildings already under construction but no new building is allowed. An Appellate Court hearing will be held March 10 for a final determination on the Preliminary Injunction. See legal update.

2013: For lawsuit against Mayor Mark Berentsen for violating municipal law, click hereSee the Mayor's response, among others, to the legal action taken against him:  Mayor Berentsen's affidavit of service, answer to petition, memo of law, motion, and affidavit; Clifford Teich's Affidavit; Morris Berentsen's affidavit; Russ Wood's Affidavit; and Shalom Lamm's Affidavit.

Developers' contracts and other documents 

Developers' agreement between Dwayne Roe and Sullivan Farms II

Developers' agreement with Village of Bloomingburg
Villages of Chestnut Ridge SEQR (State Environmental Quality Review) documents
What's going on in Bloomingburg? (Presentation to the Pine Bush School Board)


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