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July 2014: See court order from Sullivan County Supreme Court. See appeal to court order. See Roche's affidavit and Henry's affidavit.

April 2014: Update about lawsuits and Village of Bloomingburg

March 2014:  FBI agents arrive in the Village of Bloomingburg at locations owned by Developer Shalom Lamm.

Over 140 Village of Bloomingburg voter registrations have been challenged at the Sullivan County Board of Elections as the March 18 Village Election approaches. In support of this, the RCC has hired a new attorney and filed a legal action. Part of this action necessitates each challenged voter to be subpoenaed and the cost to subpoena each voter is approximately $30.00.  The request is for you to "adopt" a challenged voter for the subpoena process. Please donate.

The FBI's presence in Bloomingburg on March 13 is very encouraging and as expressed is part of an ongoing investigation but we need to act now in the courts to preserve the democratic process in Bloomingburg. We do not know definitively what their course of action will be in this matter but we know ours. Please donate.

February 2014: Shalom Lamm and Kennith Nakdimen's appeal to annul the Preliminary Injunction was not accepted by a State Appellate Court Judge however the Judge did modify the terms of the Injunction which allows Lamm to complete interior work on the twelve buildings already under construction but no new building is allowed. An Appellate Court hearing will be held March 10 for a final determination on the Preliminary Injunction. See legal update.

Shalom Lamm, Kennith Nakdimen and their Limited Liability corporations have appealed Judge Schick's ruling of a preliminary injunction - a stop-work order on the 396 units until a ruling on the lawsuit occurs- and will appear in the Appellate Court in Albany, NY on February 18, 2014 for a judge to hear their case. This appeal is only about the Preliminary Injunction. The RCC's case will continue in NYS Supreme Court and the appeal will also be posted as soon as possible.

In addition, Mayor Berentsen has responded to the legal action brought against him by two Bloomingburg residents. See documents section of website for legal documents about this case.

The RCC requests your help! It needs to post a $100,000 bond for the legal action it has taken that would annul the land annexation on which the 396 units are being built. Please see pledge form and legal update as of February 14, 2014. For legal update as of February 10, 2014, click here.

The Town of Mamakating issues a moratorium on residential approvals except for approvals identified in the local law and  issues a stop-work order in Bloomingburg for Shalom Lamm on a building that was supposed to serve the 396-unit development.

January 2014: The RCC takes legal action and The Honorable Judge Stephen Schick of the Sullivan Supreme and County Court halts all new construction on the 396-unit development until a March court dateThe lawsuit would annul the annexation that initiated the 396-unit development and demonstrates violations of conflict of interest law between municipal officials of the Village of Bloomingburg and Developer of the 396-unit development and Principal of several Limited Liability corporations, Shalom Lamm, among others. The Honorable Judge Schick residing over the case has issued a Temporary Restraining Order which halts all new construction on the 396 units and a Preliminary Injunction which stops all work on the 396 units until the litigation is over.  

Pine Bush school officials meet with Anti-Defemation League in response to anti-Semitism allegations.

Pine Bush School District Superintendent Joan Carbone is outraged after being singled out in Cuomo's important speech regarding allegations of anti-Semitism.  A lawsuit has been filed by three families against the Pine Bush School District which claims that the district failed to respond to anti-Semitic harassment in its schools.  

Learning Tree Properties, whose principal is Shalom Lamm files a lawsuit against the Village Planning Board for voting down his proposed all-girl school which would serve the development.

After four months of no public meetings, the Village of Bloomingburg meets. At the meeting, community members demand a stop-work order on the building of the 396 units and an explanation as to how the Village Board has paid its bills during the last four months as it did not convene a public meeting.  See article.

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